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Site Distribution

Our site distribution boards are built to last and made to your specific requirements. With a wide variety of metalwork, circuit protection and panel sockets kept at all times, we can produce bespoke site panels quickly and to the highest standards.

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  • Single door free-standing site panel

    Single Door Distribution Board

    All of our distribution boards are manufactured from Zintec sheet steel and made weatherproof and robust. These boards are powder coated for durability but can also be made in stainless steel or fibreglass upon request. Our boards are pad-lockable for security and safety. Our online store only contains a small amount of the boards that we can produce. Contact us for a quote on a bespoke order. Compliant with BS EN 61439-4.

  • Double door site distribution panel on A-frame leg set

    Double Door Distribution Board

    Our standard configurations range from 200A to 250A and have a wide array of different options to ensure we can meet your needs. We can build anything to order to fit your electrical needs and provide high quality and efficient service. Compliant with BS EN 61439-4.

  • Double Sided distribution board with door interlocked isolator and crash frame including forklift pocketsDistribution board with earth leakage relays feeding moulded case circuit breakers 250A 4P MCCBs

    Double Sided Distribution Board

    Our Double Sided Distribution Boards come in a huge variety of incomings and outgoings.

    Please use the enquiry button to tell us what you need and we can work with you to create a solution tailored to your specifications. Price on application.